Aluminum wall bracket wit

Aluminum wall bracket with spring arm.
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Bottle bracket suitable for 0.7-1.5 Liter bottle.

Aluminum wall bracket with spring arm. The spirit measure clamp fits all models of universal measures.

Supplied with a 3.5cl Solo Professional Spirit Measure


Explanation about bottle (s) holders/bottle brackets in combination with spirit measures:

A measure ensures that always the same amount of liquid is served. This saves large quantities of liquer in the long term. Measures are often used for shots or mixed drinks e.g. rum, whiskey and vodka. Measures are available in various versions from 2cl. up to 5cl. A measured pourer is always used together with a bottle bracket, to attach the bottle together with the measure for easy use. There are single and multiple wall & shelf bottle brackets for sale for bottles with a capacity of 0.7-1.5L and for large bottles of 3-4L. For these larger bottles you will need to order a large cork as a measure comes standard with a cork suitable for 0.7-1.5L bottles.

You can find these products elsewhere in our webshop.

The explanation below applies to nearly all measured pourers: Put a measure in a full bottle. Turn the bottle over and snap the measure into place in the bottle bracket/rack. When you now push a glass under the measure, the exact cl/ml dosage of the measure used, pours out.

Note that the measure can get clogged by the sugar in the alcohol. Therefore, remove and clean the measure regularly with a sterilizing product suitable for food contact.

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